Team Size

Fellows will break up into teams of 3-4. You can work with any participating fellow or mentor, regardless of which Pod they are in. We encourage you to form a team that operates in similar timezones to make collaboration easy.

If you only have 2 members, reach out to one of the program staff before going ahead with your hack.


Each team has between the end of the kickoff and the start of demos on Friday to create their project submission.

Project Requirements

  • Fellows must work on a project that adheres to the hackathon theme and one of the available categories.

  • The project must be “Open Sourced” (i.e. made available on GitHub with an Open Source license) at the end of the hackathon.

  • You’ll also be evaluated for your use of Git and GitHub “Best Practices” while collaborating on the project. This includes using branches, pull requests, reviewing each other’s code, writing a comprehensive README, & using issues to track tasks.

It's ok to work on an existing project, but in your video and during your demo you need to disclose specifically what you worked on during the event and what existed before. The commit history should also reflect this


  • On Friday, all of the fellows in your region will come together to demo their projects to each other. Each team will have 5-10 minutes to present and demo their project on Zoom.

  • We’ll be awarding prizes for the top project in each of the 6 official categories. There will also be a crowd favorite project that will be decided by votes.

  • You’ll need to share a GitHub repo and video demo of the project in addition to the live demo that you will do on Friday.


Full list of rules can be found here: